Vendor Rules

General Vendor Rules of Conduct
1) Vendor booth must be ready by 9:00 a.m. and remain open until 6:00 p.m. Saturday and 11:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. Sunday.

2) Setup is on the Friday before the event between 10am-7pm and Saturday of the event from 6:30am-8:45am

3)Vendor must pay for booth online prior to the event. No at the door signups.

4) Vendor booth comes with 2 vendor passes per 10×10. You may not hand extras out to friends and family.

5) Vendor must sweep and remove all trash from their space throughout the day and keep trash bags on hand for excess trash. Boxes and large items should be broken down and stacked neatly next to a trash barrel. Your space should be clean before you leave.

6) Electricity is included for free with booth purchase on most indoor booths. Booths outlined in red on the floorplan do NOT have electricity.

7) Vendor is responsible for bringing their own extension cords, and surge protectors, and tape if needed to tape down cords.

8) Vendor must not place electrical cords across walkways, either above or on the ground.

9) Do not store flammable or hazardous materials inside sales space or inside buildings.

10) Vehicles illegally parked after 11:00 a.m. are subject to being booted and a fine may be assessed.

11) Vehicles may not be driven carelessly throughout the parking lot or in the building. Drivers will be held responsible for damages to buildings, structures, vehicles and people.

12) No refunds of any kind for any reason on vendor booths, funds may be transferred to next year.

13) Tables are not included with the booth rental, you may bring your own or rent one for $5 here

14) There is no pipe and drape or booth dividers provided, you may bring your own if you wish, it is not required.

15) Absolutely no hanging stuff from the ceiling

Vendor Rules for Product Sales and Services
1) The following is a partial list of Items that may not be sold at Vendors Paradise: (List may change at any time without notice.)
a) Foods such as hamburgers, ice cream, tacos, etc may not be sold. (Jams, Jellies, Salsa, Beef Jerky, Candy, etc. are allowed. If you are sampling you must have a health permit, please contact the local health department about permits and sampling requirements Temporary Food Establishment | Wichita Falls, TX – Official Website (
b) Guns
c) Pornography
d) Tobacco Items (electronic cigarettes, pipes, vapor products) cigars are allowed
e) Prescription & Illegal Drugs
f) Contact lenses
g) Fireworks or explosives
h) Paint in one gallon or larger container
i) Baby food & formula
j) Counterfeit items, or stolen items
k) Operating bounce houses, gyro rides, pony rides or other amusement activity. (except by permission)
l) Vendor must not conduct games of chance, skill, raffles, lotteries or auctions without written approval.
m) Domestic Fowl/Livestock (chickens, ducks, pigs, horses, goats, quail, sheep, etc.) Dogs/Cats
n) Any medical treatments
0) Advertising (must get permission from Vendors Paradise Staff prior to event)
p) Alcohol
q) Tattoo’s, ear piercing, or body piercing (Sale of supplies permitted.)
r) Medical devices that require a license or prescription
s) Employment recruiting (except by permission)
t) Entertainment sonograms, x-rays, or any other activity that could possibly be deemed as “practicing” medicine
2) You must comply with all Vendor Paradise’s regulations
3) Do not distribute any political or religious material without the written consent of management.
4) Contact the State Comptroller’s office for information related to State Sales Tax information.
5) Vendor must comply with all Federal, State, and Local sales laws while at the Vendors Paradise event.
6) Vendors selling used bedding must comply with all elements of the Texas Bedding Law, Health and Safety Code, Chapter 345.
7) Vendors Paradise reserves the right to prohibit the sale of any item or service we believe to be detrimental to the operation of Vendors Paradise.
8) Vendors Paradise reserves the right to evict any vendor or patron.
9)Vendors Paradise does not provide rain checks or refunds on vending booths for any reason, you may transfer your booth to another year or to another person please email us to let us know if you are transferring.
10) Sales spaces may not be sublet, assigned, transferred. (Transfers are allowed with written permission.)
11) Merchandise and vehicles that are unattended, unauthorized, and/or abandoned on the property will be removed without liability to Vendors Paradise.
12) Vendors Paradise is not responsible for theft or damage to anything brought onto the premises. Anything left on the property is done so entirely at
the individual’s own risk.
13) Vendors must sell only within their designated sales space.
14) We do not accept used tires, produce, produce containers or motorized scooter packaging or containers for disposal.
16)Vendor booth sales receipt is vendors admittance only. Any other use is prohibited. 

15) Vendor agrees that Vendor Paradise does not guarantee how many attendees will or will not attend this event. We cannot force people to attend. But we do our best to advertise and get attendees through the door.

16) Vendor agrees that Vendors Paradise has the right to change the floorplan, and or move your booth space if needed at any time due to sponsorships, floorplan changes, etc.

17) We do not accept deliveries of any kind.

18) There will not be a forklift on site for you to use for any reason whatsoever. Anything you bring you must be able to bring in yourself. 

NOTE:  The event is indoors, but the building is NOT air conditioned. Bring a fan, if you are in a booth without electricity, bring a battery operated fan. 

NOTE: We will only hold booths for up to 1 week, if the booth is not paid in full by that time the booth will go back on the market. 

With payment of booth space, the vendor agrees to follow the current operating rules which can change without notice.