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People starting a new business, business owners looking for another sales area, people looking to turn their hobbies into income, craft vendors, flea market and antique dealers, or individuals having a garage sale and more. Anyone with a product or creation who wants exposure to a broad number of potential customers without high overhead and other expenses of operating a store front.

Yes, the event is indoors, however the ag barn is not air conditioned. There are big fans and big bay doors, bring your own fan as well.

Vendors can sell anything that does not violate county, state or federal laws or is not on the Vendors Paradise Restricted list. Vendor Paradise, the sale of food such as hamburgers, ice cream etc is not allowed.

For a complete list of vendor rules and prohibited items, please see the Vendor Rules.

Online via this website. Click here to reserve your booth(s). You can NOT purchase a booth the day of the event on site.

10×10 Indoor booths, you may purchase multiple spaces.

You may choose your booth while registering. Just put the booth number in the notes section when ordering. We reserve the right to change your booth space if needed.

Click here to view the floorplan.

Electricity is available for 90% of indoor booths, no additional charge. The booth without electricity are 69-73, 92-96, 102-106, 107-111, 117-121, 140-144 . 

Yes, free of charge.

Friday before the event from 10am-7pm. Saturday of the event from 6:30am-8:45am.

Tables are not included. You may rent 8′ tables for $5.00 each here

Pre packaged foods can be sold.

We do NOT provide any booth separators such as pipe and drape. You may bring your own separators such as caging etc if you wish.

Saturday 9am-6pm

Sunday 11am-5pm

Yes all booths are indoors.

Indoor is by big fans, also there are huge bay doors, lots of air flow, however we encourage you to bring your own fans. 

Ag Center (MPEC) Wichita Falls, TX 

111 N Burnett St, Wichita Falls, TX 76306

No refunds whatsoever for any reason on booth purchases, you may transfer your booth to another date or to someone else. Please contact us about transferring.

This is listed in our vendor rules, which you agreed to when you registered.

We will only hold booths as pending for up to one week, if the booth is not paid for by then it will go back on the market for sale.

Pictures on this website may or may not represent actual event.

No, there will not be a forklift on site, you must be able to bring everything in yourself.

No, we will not accept any deliveries at the event center. You must bring all your merchandise with you.